Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Hot Tub FHE

 Today it snowed almost all day.  Big huge flakes.  It was beautiful but 
it halted all my plans.  That was OK because Lottie 
and I made bread and Rchisengrod  (Danish rice pudding).  
We also hung out most of the day on the couch and read Valentines Day books.
The snowplow didn't make it to our street until around 3:00.
Around 6:00 when Mr. Nielson was home from work
 (and with it still snowing), we bundled up the 
Little Nies and went to the grocery store together
just as the bakery put out fresh hot loafs of french bread.
We bought two.  One to nibble on whilst shopping,
 and one for dinner later that evening.
I don't know how on earth we made it up our deathdrive because it was pretty bad.
We ate dinner and decided to have our weekly Monday night
 Family Home Evening in our Hot Tub.  It was pretty much the best FHE we've ever had.
The Hot Tub has been one of the best things that has ever happened to our family.

We have a Bullfrog Hot Tub which is made here in Utah.
We've had a few different tubs, and Bullfrog has been hands down, 
the best one we've had.
2016 Hot Tubs are on clearance from January 30-February 17th.   
Check out Bullfrog Spas HERE for more information.