Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What we do on Monday nights.

  (Family Home Evening tonight in Salt Lake City)

In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, (or Mormon church), 
we set aside one night a week (typically a Monday) to a family night-
This night is set aside for families to talk about family business, 
family or personal accomplishments, and upcoming plans.  
It is also when we study the scriptures, discuss 
and talk about God and His son Jesus Christ,
and other gospel topics and doctrines.
These meetings are some of the most spiritual and uplifting nights of my week. 
(singing at weekly Family Home Evenings are the best with a toddler)

In our family, we take turns conducting the meeting.
We also take turns praying and teaching the lesson.
I have made a form which is to be completed by the"conductor".
 The "form" looks like this: 
We have been documenting our Family Home Evenings since 2011.

Some Mondays are so nuts that I want to strangle my children 
and make them go to bed. 
Some weeks they fight and tease each other while we teach.
And it turns into a circus act.
Most nights Lottie is running around with limited clothing on, 
singing songs and talking to herself in the window reflection. 
But most Monday nights Mr. Nielson and I go to bed so happy,
 because we felt like we really got through to the Little Nies, 
and it was a genuinely fun evening.
I always plan and make a treat to share 
with the children at the end of our meeting.  
The family home evening treat is a really a great idea.  
We can use it as bargaining chip.  For instance:
"Nicholas put down your Lego-man or you don't get a treat..."
"Oliver put your feet down, Jane doesn't want them on her lap.  
Ok pal, you do that one more time and you don't get a treat."
"Shhhhhhh!!! Ok!!!! That's it!! No one is getting a treat tonight"
"Hmmmm, looks like me and Dad will get to enjoy the treat all to ourselves tonight..."
Each time I pull out that gun, the kids sit up straight and participate.
See how that works?

I KNOW and believe that what is taught in the home is the most 
impressionable and valuable for the children.  
Mr. Nielson and I take this seriously. 
We always end our Family Home Evenings with our
 testimonies of what we know to be true. 
 I love so much to listen to my children
 share their deepest feelings about the truth and the reality of
 Jesus Christ and their Father in Heaven.
Tonight Mr. Nielson was away, so I took the Little Nies to Salt Lake City 
where we visited Temple Square and other wonderful church history spots. 
It really was a beautiful evening,
until I asked Claire to take Lottie to the restroom- which she did, but 
because of her cast she couldn't get Lottie's undies down and Lottie tinkled in
her pants, and on Claire's cast.
We decided it was time to go home.

(But not before I stopped by Trader Joe's for 15 bunches of daffodils).