Tuesday, December 06, 2016

In our hearts

Last night together as a family, we talked about how we can each honor
Christmas with more meaning and reverence.
We want to honor Christ in our hearts,
in our homes, in our neighborhood and in the world.
We have committed to "Light the World" for 25 days in 25 ways.
We watched a few beautiful videos about Christ.
Lottie was mesmerized and I cried the whole time.
In following the beautiful Light the World campaign,
today's theme is "Jesus read the scriptures, and so can you."
SO, as a family we have committed to being more dedicated to our
7:00 am daily morning scripture study.
It's still dark outside and getting the Little Nies
up and out of their cozy beds is hard.
We do it because we are showing God
that He is our first priority of the day.
And one by one, each Little Nie makes it down the stairs to the kitchen
groggy and sometimes disoriented.
Sometimes Mr. Nielson and I have already began reading with whoever is with us.
But since we are trying to Light the World, we all decided we'd be up,
alert, and ready to read at 7:00 am SHARP-- sans complaining!
All of us! 
As a family, we have almost successfully finished the 
Book of Mormon again!!!
Only two more chapters left!

Each day for the rest of the week, 
we have planned a different challenge, and each day I will share
what we are doing to Light the World!  What are you doing?

Day 6: