Friday, October 28, 2016


Fall in Utah is really amazing. Really, really amazing.
We've had some of the most gorgeous autumn days; 
sun shinning, cooler temperatures, and crystal blue skies. 
Each morning when I get up to hike, I am amazed at the valley down below me.
The best word to describe it is: golden.
Just as I wish I could bottle up my children right now and never
 let them grow one more inch, I wish I could halt time and
 have a few more weeks of October.  
The colors, smells, sights, and sounds.  It's perfect.
I picked up the Little Nies from school and I drove to the bakery 
where we each picked out a Halloween treat, 
(sugar cookie bats, witches, ghosts, and pumpkin donuts) 
I drove to the park where we sat under a giant yellow honeylocust tree.  
We lay under it admiring the the leaves glittering down on 
us as the wind gently blew.  
It would have bottled up that golden moment and 
wished for it to last at least an hour longer.

Tomorrow my Claire Elizabeth will turn FIFTEEN!!!
 I plan to her drive past the 100 year old home 
 Mr. Nielson and I carefully brought her home to from the hospital 
(in a orange onesie with a Halloween ghost on it). 

Speaking of Mr. Nielson, he is coming home today
 from a week long ranch trip.  
It will be a most wonderful weekend for sure.