Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Faith in something larger than myself.

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(This is my final Idaho post from last week's adventure)

While on the BYU-Idaho campus, we enjoyed a lovely tour of the university.
They sold Claire.  
I think she'd pack her bags tomorrow to attend college if she could.
The university grounds and facilities are gorgeous.
On the tour we visited the community apple orchard:
And then on to the family health and science building,
(among other places on campus) Claire loved it beyond words.
Her future is in nursing (labor and delivery) or Midwifery,
so this building and it's equipment blew her mind.
Before I addressed the students, we had a quick (family) mic check.
Then Claire and I took a few selfies in the bathroom.


And just like that it was over.
So we packed up the car and headed on to Jackson Hole/Yellowstone.

And now my Idaho trip is complete.

Another snipped from my talk:
I made it through the weeks and months after the crash, and through
 every day since because I have faith in something larger than myself—faith 
that God has a plan for me.  That belief is a source of inner strength that 
leads me to peace, comfort and the courage to cope, 
even when I don’t really feel like coping.
With so much that was offered me by the doctors, therapists, 
hospitals and other places and people, 
I realized along the way that ultimately nothing they did could make me happy.
At first I stubbornly thought that the only thing that would 
make me happy was for life to look like it did before the accident. 
But no one could give that to me, and no one else could make me happy. 
Happiness was my choice, and with the Savior and lots of faith firmly planted in
 His atonement, my life could and would be happy and fulfilling again. 
We must rely on the Savior and His healing power.

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Chatbooks is a huge blessing in my life 
as is my sister-in-law Lisa, who plays the awesome mother in the video.