Friday, September 09, 2016

The shower can wait.

Sometimes when I get in the shower I put a show on for Lottie to watch.
Today she requested to watch what we call "The Pony Movie"
 It is a mythological Disney cartoon with flying ponies, 
unicorns, rainbows, flowers and of course, beautiful Centaurs.
I put the show on, watched about five minutes of it before I plopped myself
on the couch to watch the rest with Lottie.  The shower could totally wait.
This cartoon is amazing and I remember
being (and still think I might be) as obsessed with it 
when I was four just like Lottie is now.  It's so fascinating and colorful!
This weekend besides watching The Pony Movie, 
we are going to swim as much as possible.  These hot Summer days
are fleeting and soon the Fox Hill pool will be closed for the Winter.
Welcome Weekend!

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