Thursday, September 08, 2016

Hope is Born

While I was in Arizona last week for the BYU football game,
 my brothers Jesse, Andrew,
 and my mom wanted to see the burn center where I stayed 
for several months in a coma for burns over 83% of my body.
(Remember that? Blahhhhh).
They hadn't been back since 2008.
When we walked in through the sliding doors, they immediately began
 reminiscing about the familiar smells and sights.  
It was a little emotional for all of us.
We walked the long hallways to the very corner of the 
hospital where the Burn Center sits tucked away.
My brothers remembered the long visits and hours of waiting for 
news that sometimes was really bad.
 They talked about the hours of pacing those familiar areas, 
the crying, and the prayers offered to God to relieve their heartache.
On this hot September day,  I walked into the Burn Center 
and could walk out.
I recognize and realize that many who enter don't make it out.
It's heartbreaking. I noticed another family in the waiting room, 
and my heart hurt for them. I wanted to reach out and 
assure them that somehow everything was going to be alright.
I wanted to tell them they were in an excellent Burn Center 
with wonderful doctors, nurses, and staff.
I wanted to tell them that with God, anything is possible.
Instead, I smiled at them, hoping that if they saw me (and my scars),
I could be a physical testament that miracles
 happen here in the Burn Center. I wanted to tell them to HANG ON!
The Burn Center is a sacred holy place where hope is born
among so much disappointment, suffering, and grief.
And sometimes, it's almost like magic.

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