Friday, September 30, 2016

Six reasons I am happy this weekend...

I am beyond excited for this weekend for six reasons:

-The first and foremost is that it's General conference weekend. 
 Conference weekend is pretty much the Super Bowl for Mormons.  
It is the worldwide gathering of 
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  
Church members gather to receive guidance and encouragement from
our leaders about gospel living based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.
 We listen intently as we hear words of wisdom, inspiration, and counsel.
And it's awesome and ANYONE can join us!
I'm really, REALLY, REALLY looking forward to 
about 10 hours of goodness over the next two days.
-Second reason I am excited for the weekend is because 
we are hosting a few visitors with us at Fox Hill 
for this conference weekend.  
That's always fun.
-Third reason is because we eat good good (ebelskivers) all weekend long.

-Fourth reason is because I can relax.  
Usually I can get a few extra hours of sleep over the weekend, 
and I don't exercise Saturday or Sunday 
which is really nice for me to have a break.

-Fifth reason is Utah is the most gorgeous place right now. 
 The leaves and amazing,
and the weather would knock your socks off.  
I am hoping to enjoy some wonderful time outside!
-Sixth and final reason of course the BYU football game....GO COUGS!

I hope you have a relaxing beautiful weekend planned as well.
* * * *