Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pleasant Memories

Today, I spent the day preparing for weekend guests 
(Boss and GrandMary, who will be here for Conference weekend).
I hope they don't mind our life-size skeleton, Mr. Bones, who has been roaming
 around the house for about 2 weeks.  
Each day before the Little Nies get home from school, 
I put him somewhere in our house doing something different.
Today, he spent most of the day playing the piano. 
Yesterday, he sat at the head of the dinner table; 
and another day, he held the TV remote while sitting on the couch.
I will have to come up with some fantastic 
ideas for the next four weeks until Halloween.  Yikes.
Tonight, Mr. Nielson and I went up Provo Canyon
 to The Homestead for dinner with friends.  
It was gorgeous and brought back some very pleasant memories because
Mr. Nielson and I had our wedding dinner at the resort
almost 16 years ago!  

ALSO: It's the weekend EVE!

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