Thursday, September 29, 2016

Pleasant Memories

Today I spent the day preparing for weekend guests 
(Boss and GrandMary who will be here for Conference weekend).
I hope they don't mind our life-size skeleton Mr. Bones, who has been roaming
 around the house for about 2 weeks now.  
Each day before the Little Nies get home from school, 
I put him somewhere in our house doing something different.
Today he tickled the ivories (played the piano), 
yesterday he sat at the head of the dinner table,
 and another day he held the TV remote while sitting on the couch.
I am going to have to come up with some pretty awesome 
ideas for the next four weeks until Halloween.  Yikes.
Tonight Mr. Nielson and I went with some friends up Provo canyon
 to The Homestead for dinner.  
It was gorgeous, and brought back some very pleasant memories because
Mr. Nielson and I had our wedding dinner at the resort
almost 16 years ago!  

ALSO: It's weekend EVE!