Thursday, September 15, 2016

I did my best.

I have a few speaking events coming up and today spent half 
of my evening preparing for them.
They are very different events and while my story is the same 
(spoiler alert: I crash in an airplane), the messages I share are different. 
It's amazing to me, I still get so emotional when I share my story. 
 I always cry.  And to be honest, I hope I always do.  
If I don't, I will worry the story isn't sacred to me anymore and I 
am afraid I have over-told it.  I don't want that to ever happen.
Mr. Nielson and I took the girls to bank today where they got a debt card 
(they are making the big bucks babysitting).
 While I stayed at home working on my talk,
Mr. Nielson took The Little Nies to Target where 
Claire bought herself some gum and a new folder (with her new debt card).
Jane used her card to buy her favorite juice and 
bought the boys black duct tape and rope.  

I made the Little Nies tomato soup and cheese sandwiches and then 
Mr. Nielson and I slipped out the back to go out to dinner together.
Every Thursday morning I tell my kids that "its FRIDAY EVE!"
I think it makes the day seem better.
So, on behalf of me...Happy Friday Eve!