Wednesday, August 03, 2016

The Music Man and arranged marriages.

Come chat with me today!
 If you live in Utah, then you know about Robert Redford's
Our family LOVES it up there.
I learned to ski as a young child, became a ski instructor, 
and the eventually taught my own children to ski at Sundance.
Sundance is just as beautiful and delightful in the 
Summer months as the Winter ones.
One of our favorite things to do in the
 Summer at Sundance is attend the Outdoor Theater.
Over the years, our family has seen some of the best plays in the gorgeous mountains.
Another fantastic plus about the Summer theater shows, 
 I am so proud of him and love to see what his creative mind conjures up.  
He's truly incredible.  
This Summer, The Music Man is showing.
  It is colorful and witty and I really loved the costumes.  
We saw the play with Chad and Amber and their darling boys.  
Our kids love each other and Amber and 
I are already sniffing out an arranged marriage. 
It's going to really work well for all involved.
The Music Man plays until August 13th.  
Get your tickets and enjoy a 7-layer Sundance bar while your at it!
(My mouth just watered as I was typing that).