Friday, June 28, 2013

Savor the Summer

I had such a wonderful birthday, but I haven't developed the film from the day 
yet to share with you (just kidding- remember film?)
I will recap that special day later.
Thank you to all of you who sent me e-mails, love letters, goodies etc.
I am such a blessed woman, thank you thank you!!

Last week Mr. Nielson and I joined some of our very favorite people 
Chad and Amber in Park City for the annual Savor the Summit dinner.
This event is Utah's largest outdoor dinner party right on Main Street.
Each restaurant along Main Street hosts a table and serves their food.
Since Chad is the general manager at Sundance, he invited us to him at Zoom;
 which is part of Sundance restaurants.
The evening was perfect- wonderful weather, delicious food, and the best company.
Toward the end of the evening it got really cold, and so we 
enjoyed dark chocolate hot chocolate.
It sort of looks like Amber has her hands around my waist
and Chad is in love with Christian.
It's not like that.
If you haven't heard of this event, next year consider it- it was amazing.

No, I haven't found my rings and watch.  ;(