Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Back at it.

We are chatting today!  Join us!

Today is the first of school for my 4 Little Nies.
The summer went by so fast.  Honestly, I am in shock.  
Yesterday Mr. Nielson and I celebrated our 8th anniversary of the accident.
We served in the temple and enjoyed a nice dinner together after.
We talked about our miracle and how it created so much love between us,
 we can't really remember anything before the crash. 
 It's been a bittersweet event for our family.
Mr. Nielson and I attended three back to school nights and then
took the children out for ice cream!
We each took one last dip in the pool as the sun set.
I was crying...I love the summer, the schedule-less days, 
the lazy evenings, my children close by, and NO HOMEWORK.  

Here's to another wonderful school year!