Tuesday, August 16, 2016

8 Years Later......

Today is a really special day.
This photo is taken shortly after our plane crashed in St. Johns, 
Arizona on August 16th, 2008

Eight years ago, Mr. Nielson and I along with our good friend and pilot,
 Doug was in a horrific airplane crash.  Doug didn't make it, 
and today with Doug's family we
 celebrate his wonderful short life on earth.

Last night around the dinner table I told the
 children how thankful I was to be alive.
I was thankful to be sharing dinner with each one of them. 
 I told them because of Jesus Christ we will be a family forever--no matter what.
I told them that even if I had died in the airplane, 
I would always be their mother- and the Savior made that possible.
During those scary dark days and weeks and months
that powerful knowledge kept our family hopeful after the crash.
We also talked about how different our lives would be if I had died-
or if Mr. Nielson had died-- or even if both of us were killed. 
 It was a horrible feeling, but we didn't die!
And I believe I am here for a reason and a large part is
to be the mother to my five gorgeous healthy children.
I am beyond thankful.
Beyond grateful and beyond amazed- still...even 8 years later.

A HUGE thank you to the Arizona Burn Center for keeping us alive!
A treat is coming your way today~

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