Monday, June 06, 2016

Quiet and Untouched

"It was all so far away - there was quiet and an untouched
 feel to the country and I could work as I pleased. ”
- Georgia O'Keeffe
The last day at the ranch we moved the heifers
from the feed lot to the wide open pasture,
where they will be eating delicious gramma grass for miles.
I sat on the porch with Lottie (still in her pj's) while Mr. Nielson
 and the Little Nies yipped and hollered the cows out the front gate.
Four heifers decided they didn't want to 'follow the leader' and that was when
I ran to help shoo them on.   
The rugged country is gorgeous and wild.
It takes me a good three days (at least) 
to get used to the relentless sun and altitude.  
Without a doubt I usually get a cold sore and find myself exhausted 
and searching for more energy.
After a good nap (or two),  I am usually good to go.
The Little Nies and I will be back to the ranch in about a month,
and they are already talking about it.