Monday, June 27, 2016

A whole week.

Today is my birthday and I turn 35!!!
I am pretty much still a spring chick- pretty much.

Tomorrow, Claire, Jane and I will be away at girls camp.
I will be sleeping in the mountains with twenty five other girls
and a few other adult women leaders.
We will eat tinfoil dinners, sing songs about love, God and nature,
and probably get about zero hours of sleep.
And also, ALL of us will be media free!
So, farewell for a   w h o l e   week.

If you want to see a little about what Girls camp is like,
check out my sister-in-law Lisa star as
the camp director in "Once I was a Beehive".

-Nie signing off...for a week.

PS. Say a prayer for me, I don't do well with community bathrooms.