Thursday, June 09, 2016

A very Joneson Summer 2016

Usually our friends the Joneses come to Utah for the 4th of July,
 but sadly this year our schedules collided 
and our annual reunion was cancelled.  
The Jones family made their Utah trip earlier than usual,
but we will certainly will take them anytime!  
We visited the new beautiful Provo City Center Temple, 
 had dinner at the delicious Good Thyme Eatery
(which across the street), 
and topped off our night at Rockwell Ice Cream Company
for some unique and very tasty ice cream.
We spent the rest of the night at Fox Hill talking on the back porch 
while the kids dumped the house and made up some fantastic dances.  
It's always easy with the Jones family.
Have you seen the new temple yet?
 To see last years Joneson reunion, go HERE
 Lottie and Riggs are in love.  
They smooch and hold hands and Lottie calls him her "husband".  It's cute.
(did you happen to look at the first few photos above? )

I love Provo, and I love summer, and I love the Jones family.
I also really am loving Roolee Boutique!  Cutest clothes & shoes
(I'll be posting about that tomorrow with a code for shopping).