Friday, June 10, 2016

Change is OK and so are Cute Clogs

Post-accident, I hated my profile.
It wasn't me, and it certainly didn't look like me.
One day, Christian told me he thought I had the cutest little nose.
I began thinking differently about myself.
It's still hard sometimes.
But then again, ANY change is tough for me.

Recognizing myself after the accident was really hard for me.
I remember looking in the mirror for Stephanie, but I could never find her.
Time heals, things change, and acceptance is freeing.
I see Stephanie in the mirror now, and she is truly happy.
It took time, it took effort, and it took loads of prayer.
 While I didn't ask for this change,
I accepted it and was surprised at how it positively changed me.
I have to remind myself that sometimes change is ok.
Sometimes, change is beautiful.

Happy weekend
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I found the cutest summer clogs (above)

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