Monday, May 16, 2016

Me (& your children)

Dear Mr. Nielson (still at the ranch with his "girls"- the heifers),
Yesterday morning I had an early morning meeting for church
and left the Little Nies sleeping in bed.
Oliver was awake (you know he wakes up at 6:00 EVERY MORNING...crazy boy), 
and I told him to wake everyone up and
after my meetings I would be back to pick everyone up and head to church on time.
I left feeling stressed.  Would Oliver actually wake everyone up?  
And even if he did attempt to wake up his siblings, 
would they actually listen to him?
My mind was racing.
Where was Claires phone you wonder? She had left it at my 
Mom's house the night before which left me
 zero communication with the Little Nies.
When my meetings ended, I had exactly fifteen minutes until show (church) time.
I jumped in the car and raced home.  As I drove up the driveway 
I said a little prayer that the children would be ready.
I honked and waited...sure enough about three minutes later 
the garage door opened and out popped five little angel monkeys.
Hair combed, shoes tied, and scriptures in hand.  
Even our Lottie girl looked top notch.
What fine kidlets we have.  
We miss you so much.
Tonight you should have seen the lightning storm we had!
It was beautiful and made us all really excited for those 
stormy summer nights when we can all sit with 
blankets on the porch and enjoy the show.
Love you so much,

Love, Me (& your children)