Friday, March 18, 2016

I'm not really Irish

  If there is something to dress up for,
 get balloons for, decorate for, cook or bake for, I'm all in.
Once I used to believe that I was Irish until 
my genealogy proved that I was not Irish, but in fact Scottish.  
But I still celebrate St. Patrick's Day as if I am Irish, 
plus I have two gingers and makes it 
seem appropriate enough to claim.
 Since yesterday was St. Patrick's Day of course the 
Nielson household was prepared.  We all wore our green and in the evening 
I cooked and prepared our traditional Irish cabbage stew 
along with Irish Soda Bread (sans raisins).
I missed Mr. Nielson tonight at our dinner, he is still at the ranch
 with his heifers.  But we all know I am his one and only heifer.

Happy Weekend!
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