Thursday, March 10, 2016


Today Lottie asked me to sit and watch her play.  
This is becoming a daily occurrence.  She doesn't necessarily want me to
 play with her, she mostly just wants me close.
 She also requests that I play some music really loud so she can 
"dance her animals".
We have a rather large drawer full of wonderful plastic animals.  
She picks out the animals and puts them in families.
Then she puts them into couples and makes them dance.
I remember doing the same thing when I was little- but with crayons.
I'd pick a masculine color and a feminine color and put them together, 
they would have perfectly hued crayon babies and live a colorful happy life.
Lately I've opened the windows to enjoy the glorious Spring air.
 I try to not feel guilty for sitting down while I "watch" Lottie play because
usually can think of a thousand things
 I could be doing and getting done during that time.
 But am learning to be content.
I think being content is a wonderful way to be.
Content in my life, content with my family, my children, 
my family size, with my body, 
my body size, with my life, my health, my heart.  
Content with my time, content with others, and content in my work.
Content certainly doesn't mean I'll settle.  
I will continue to push myself, work hard,
try hard, fight hard, but to be content as 
I move along is really a blessing.
I'm working on that.