Monday, February 15, 2016

Valentines Day 2016

 Happy Valentines Day!
Here's what went down this holiday weekend:
*Assembling the Little Nies class Valentines.
Thanks to Oh Happy Day, we really nailed it.

* Dropping my little cupids off at school. 
(Note the roses for teachers and other special (ahem) people)
*Friday night we made heart shaped pizzas for dinner.

*Saturday we decorated and delivered Valentine sugar cookies to family, 
friends, loved ones, and neighbors.
This tradition is always a highlight for the Little Nies because they
 get to doorbell ditch legally.

*Date with my Valentine. 
Mr. Nielson asked me how I would like to spend our Valentines day together. 
All I truly really wanted was to go for a long drive in the country with him.
In the car we listened to great music, and talked for miles. 
 We also stopped anywhere we thought was interesting and took our time. 
When we got hungry, we pulled over, got take out and ate it in the car.
Everything was slow and easy and we were alone.
We talked about our past Valentine Day memories
and drove past all the old homes we had lived in together
and spent "The Lovers Holiday" in.
I remember so vividly each one of them, what we did, what I wore, what we ate,
the gifts we exchanged and what the weather was like.

Good times.