Friday, February 12, 2016

Still Want You

Dear Mr. Nielson,

"Time is passing by
Still want you
Crime is on the rise
Still want you
Climate change and debt
Still want you
Nuclear distress
Still want you
The earth is heating up
Still want you
Hurricane and floods
Still want you
Even more than I did before."

This is our 2016 Lovers Day song, thanks to Mr. Brandon Flowers.  
"Still Want You" reminds me of our love. 
You have seen me at my best and my absolute worst, 
and I am not talking about bad hair days and bad breath- but blood, sweat, tears, 
depression, pain, heartache, and more blood.
I have seen you through those things too, and yes, sweetheart,
I still want you even more than I did before.
Happy Valentines Day!
Lovers Day songs from the past:

PS...Mr. Brandon Flowers, you are one cool cat.
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