Tuesday, February 23, 2016

50 years

 Last Thursday my parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.
Think of it: 50 birthdays together (100 birthday cakes).
50 Christmases trees to decorate together.
50 years worth of laundry together.
I could go on and on.  
My siblings wanted to celebrate this fantastic milestone for them,
and Courtney took the reigns on this beautiful party
taking care of the logistics and most of us siblings pitched in.
I was in charge of flowers and the tables.
A long table sat in the center of the room and
 I covered it with white butcher paper and sprinkled gold confetti all over.
  Down the center of the table I placed gorgeous 
colorful roses (ombre style),
along with birch stumps and glowing candles.
We had one large table for the adults and older children, and another table 
for the children and tweens. It turned out beautifully.
We held the dinner in The Bell room across the 
street from the new Provo City Center Temple in downtown Provo.
It was a nice space for nearly 70 of us all.

Every single family member was in attendance, except for a few missionaries
who obviously couldn't attend because they are busy sharing the gospel.
That's all nine of us siblings along with spouses and children.
 Throughout the night, babies were passed around, children ran all over,
 and adults talked and laughed.
After dinner, my brother Andrew presented a darling slide show of my parents 
throughout their 50 years together including;
a photo of their first date, their school dances, their wedding, babies, 
holidays, and photos with children and grandchildren (and one great grand baby).
After, they danced as grandchildren threw gold confetti around them. 
(and on them, of course).
When I think about my parents I remember my moms yellow 
checks she used to write...daily.
There were no debit cards, and she never had cash. My mom wrote checks.
I re-created her yellow Central Bank checks and wrote 50 places
I remember going with her and watching her write checks.
As I got older, I wrote the checks for her.
I would go to the grocery store, the bakery, dry cleaners, etc etc.etc.
Pretty soon I got so good at her signature you couldn't tell who's was who.
I nailed it.
 My parents (and siblings) had a good laugh reading them.
At the end of the party, dad presented mom with a gorgeous necklace
(that Lucy's husband Andrew made).  Dad said some sweet sentiments
dedicated to my mom and was visibly emotional.  I was too.
Dad also acknowledged God's hand in their marriage- the ups and downs and
everything in between.
I love my parents, and am so grateful for them and their example.

 Other exciting news while at party:
-Nephew Clark asks his girlfriend to marry him (welcome to the family Tara!)
-Niece Emma announces she was called to serve a mission 
(for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) 
in The Scotland/Ireland mission!

* * * * * * * * * * *

Location: Bell Room
My skirt: Shabby Apple Top: & Apparel