Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Jane is a Teenager Now

Jane turned 13 (A TEENAGER) on February 18th, the same day 
I felt bad that I wasn't as attentive as I usually am on birthdays because
I was busy preparing and setting up for the big party.
I told Jane I would make it up to her.  
Half of her Birthday was good...I think...I hope.
The traditional birthday pancake breakfast was made with 
sprinkles, strawberries, and whipped cream.  
That afternoon, I picked up my newest teenager, along with my other
teenager, Claire, from school and took them to lunch.
Then, we found ourselves at the bakery.
It's weird how that happens.
Around our house, I make a birthday cake for the special boy or girl
on the Sunday following their Birthday.
For Jane, I made a two-toned pink cake with light pink frosting. 
I realized around 10:00 that night after the cake was half-eaten
I hadn't taken the traditional photo under the "Happy Birthday" banner.
I then posed Jane under the banner in her PJs with her cake.
Then she began to cry because 
she remembered she hadn't done her math homework.
I ushered her to bed with kisses and love, promising a better day tomorrow.
Then, I rolled up my sleeves and cleaned up our dinner mess.
Happy Birthday, sweetheart Jane!

* * * *

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