Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Ringing in 2016

Happy New Year!!!  I am hoping 2016 will be my best yet.
I have so many hopes and dreams for this year, 
and praying they all come true.  
It's going to take a lot of work and a lot of help, 
but I am determined to make it all happen (fingers crossed).
 On New Years Eve day, Mr. Nielson took the Little Nies out so I could
enjoy a few quiet hours of home alone bliss.
I cleaned up Christmas and set out a few New Year celebration decorations.
My sister Lucy and my brother Jesse along with their families 
came up to ring in the new year with us.
We must have spent a whole hour in the fleeting 2015 
hours watching funny instagram videos on a very small iphone. 
Wow.  We really nailed it.
My Mom and Dad made a brief appearance, 
but left before the clock struck midnight.  
They stayed long enough to see Jesse let off some epic 
fireworks in front of my house,
 then headed to the comforts of their cozy home down the street.  
Besides, Nan their dog was probably going crazy at 
home with all the firework commotion.
We decided Jesse should let 5 fireworks off every hour on the hour until midnight.  
It kept us all awake and on our toes. 
The last hour of 2015, Mr. Nielson and I slow danced to
 Ella Fitzgerald, Carla Bruni, and Frank Sinatra by the glow of the fireplace.
 Pretty romantic and definitely a new tradition for us.
 C H E E R S  to  2 0 1 6!

The End