Thursday, October 01, 2015

The Moose I Met

After dropping off my girls at school,
I drove up to the trail-head for my daily hike. 
This something I do every single day, and was so surprised to see a large moose
 on the side of the trail.  He was probably a young moose, 
but his antlers were quite impressive.
I was so excited, but panicked slightly as he began wandering down the road.  
I got in my car, and called the police. 
 I continued to follow the moose as he walked across a few back and front yards,
a large field. two church parking lots and eventually found himself at the 
elementary school conveniently around 8:30 am, right as school was
beginning for the day.   
I called Mr. Nielson who promptly came and together we watched as he 
trotted around where parents drop-off and pick-up their children.
Everyone was stunned.  
Photos were being taken, and kids screaming with excitement,
 as poor moosie wandered aimlessly around the commotion.

But I had done my duty. 
 I called the police and carefully followed him so I could keep an eye
on his next move.
He was in good hands with animal control there and taking action.
I finally left Mr. Nielson and hundreds of on-lookers and drove back to
continue my blessed hike.
As I was walking up the trail I heard in the distance:
"Students, the moose is safely taken care of, you can walk to your classes now."
I smiled.

Happy October.  It is my favorite month!