Thursday, October 01, 2015

The Moose I Met

I drove up to the Y trailhead for my daily hike and was so surprised 
to see a large moose on the side of the trail munching away at the grass.
  He was probably a young moose, 
but his antlers were quite impressive.
I stood there, completely awestruck, watching him gracefully 
move around on the side of the trail.
 After a few minutes of watching and giving the moose plenty of space,
I continued my hike but was so excited and grateful for the unexpected 
encounter with one of nature's most beautiful creatures.
 However, as I moved away, it felt wrong, so I turned around, 
got into my car, and followed the moose down the trailhead. 
Eventually, I called animal control.
He wandered down into a neighborhood and into a large field,
He found himself in several front and back yards, then in
 two church parking lots, then eventually found himself at the 
elementary school conveniently around 8:30 am, right as school was
beginning for the day.   
I called Mr. Nielson, who 
promptly came to where I was, and together, we watched as the moose 
trotted around where parents drop off and pick up their children.
Everyone was stunned.  
Photos were being taken, and kids screaming with excitement,
 as poor Moosie wandered aimlessly around the commotion.

But I had done my duty. 
 I called the police and carefully followed him so I could keep an eye
on his next move.
He was in good hands with animal control there and taking action.
I finally left Mr. Nielson and hundreds of on-lookers and drove back to
the trailhead to continue my blessed hike.
As I was walking up the trail, I heard in the distance
over the elementary school PA system:
"Students, the moose is safely taken care of; 
you can walk to your classes now."
I smiled.

Happy October.  It is my favorite month!

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