Monday, October 19, 2015

Deer Camp 2015

Each October, the boys in my family get together for the deer hunt.
Except, now they don't really hunt deer
 and instead it's more  of a "deer camp".
The girls and I dropped the boys off for weekend.  

They began their long 5 hour hike with blue skies and nice weather.
I picked them up later that week in the pouring rain.
The little boys were sure happy to get in the warm car.
The whole ride home they talked about getting the hot tub and 
watching a movie on the couch.
Sounded perfect to me.

I teased Mr. Nielson that he looked just like
 Johnny in Hotel Transylvania. (see below)

Meanwhile, at home I let the girls sleep with me.
And when I "sleep with me" I really mean: "take over my bed".