Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I want to remember.

It's officially fall in Utah!!
The leaves on the mountains behind our home are getting more vibrant 
with color and the nights are getting colder.
It is heaven.
I'm telling you, my heaven is fall with rain storms and dark clouds.  
That seems weird, but it's so true.  
(Although the clear blue skies today were absolutely amazing too).

I took the photo (above) yesterday afternoon before I started dinner.
I took it because I wanted to remember this stage of life I'm in.
I wanted to remember the pumpkins Lottie piled up on the cake stand, 
the yellow aspen leaves in the glass jar, 
and the way the sun shone in my windows.
I wanted to remember the ant infested sunflowers Jane and Ollie picked for me.
I watched as they picked the flowers; 
Jane in the skirt she made at sewing lessons
and Oliver following behind her with the clippers.
She would point at the perfect flower and he would snip it.

I wanted to remember how I felt at that very moment: I felt exhausted.
But I also wanted to remember how lucky I felt being able to make dinner and
being able to serve my family.  
I wanted to remember my feelings of gratitude because I
had everything on hand to made a good meal for my family.
I wanted to remember that even though I was exhausted, 
I also felt very strong and healthy.
I wanted to remember hearing Claire (around the corner, and out of the photo)
 helping Nicholas find the perfect birthday gifts on the computer
 (his birthday is in a few weeks), and 
Lottie on the kitchen swing in a princess dress singing to herself. 
I wanted to remember the sound of Mr. Nielson's truck coming up our gravel road.
That sound is relief and comfort.

I wanted to remember my life today mostly because
 it was so beautifully ordinary.