Thursday, September 10, 2015


Jane is learning how to play the violin.

I was serenaded with "hot cross buns" over and over again
 this afternoon while helping Ollie finish his homework.
It wasn't distracting or annoying at all....but seriously,
I love that my girlies are trying new things 
 I love that they are developing their talents.
Last night at mutual, we listened to a dear woman/leader speak about her
 experiences helping women in Africa.  
She also spoke about the special gifts that God has blessed us with- all of us.
I love watching my strong girls discover their strengths and talents.  
They have a responsibility to share and use their influence
 to lift and bless others- whatever that may be.
And I know that they will do just that as they grow and mature.
Both my girls have good hearts that naturally have a desire to do good.
I hope I can keep up with them and support their desires.
They are exponentially better than I was at that age.  They try harder,
live deeper, and reach out to others in a very selfless and true way.
I am deeply proud of them; squeaky violin, beginner piano and all.