Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Family Wedding

{Mr. Nielson and I are hosting a one on one 
private chat today from 10 to noon MDT.  
Come talk about the Mormon faith and any other questions you may have.  
These chats are private and anyone is welcome!
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After my niece Lindsay's wedding ceremony, we took a few photos:
This photo is classic because I'm pretty sure
 I counted 5 members of the family
(including the groom, Keaton) with eyes closed.
Also, Mr. Nielson's eyes could very well
be closed except he had his glasses on.

I love Lindsay's beautiful unique wedding dress!

After the ceremony, my siblings met at Chipotle and had lunch.
(we call it "chippes").
I really do love it there and was pumped when they finally finally 
came to my town.  The amount of guacamole used in a meal mind-boggling.  

The Sweet Tooth Fairy is now located at the
Fashion Place Mall in Salt Lake City!
That is really good news for your shoppers.  YUM!
(Think about what a life-savor this will be during the holidays!!)