Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Snoozing on a stool

My friends Spencer and Lindsay were a huge support
when Mr. Nielson and I had our accident.
They helped assist with children, meals, and they even let family
 members borrow their car when they came into town to visit- 
and so much more that I would take up all day to type.
Last week, Spencer sent me a few photos of Nicholas 
(22 months) at their home in Arizona.
These photos were taken a few weeks after the accident.
First when I saw them my heart fluttered. I had lots of emotions.
I once knew that little boy- he used to be little like that, 
and I used to be his mother.
Then I felt sad for myself, and for Nicholas.

This photo of Nicholas asleep was taken when I was deep in a coma.  
I was still teetering on life and death.
I missed almost an entire year of his life.  
It took me that long to become a mother again after the accident 
with my injuries, surgeries, therapy and pain.
Those were really really hard days.

My dear friends took over and helped out at our time of need. 
They became parents to my children and loved them like they were their own.
Nicholas obviously felt comfortable at their house because he
 fell asleep on Lindsay's kitchen stool.

You know, I still have a tinge of guilt for missing so much.
I have so much love in my heart for the family, friends, and neighbors,
 and even strangers who picked up the pieces of my life that shattered around me five years ago.
* * * *
I will be speaking at Utah's First Lady Jeanette Herbert's
Uplift Utah Families conference this
Saturday, October 26th
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