Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Claire Loves To See The Temple

Claire's twelfth birthday was yesterday.  
And Mr. Nielson and I took Claire to the temple.  
Once you turn twelve in the Mormon church,
you are eligible to serve certain parts of the temple.
She has been looking forward to this day for a long time.
After school, she changed into her new temple/birthday dress and 
the three of us went to the temple just a few minutes from home.
Claire was giddy.  She was nervous and so very excited.  
I was so emotional, and here is why:
First, I am so proud of Claire's desire to be there.
Second, I am so thankful I am alive to be here.
Later that evening, Mr. Nielson and I also gave her a journal. 
Inside is our family quote
(not be confused with the 2013-14 family quote)
"For courage to accept thy will,
To listen and obey.
We love thee, Lord; our hearts are full.
We'll walk thy chosen way."

I sought wisdom and inspiration from the women closest to me, 
asking my mother, mother-in-law, sisters, and sisters-in-law to 
impart their knowledge and love to Claire. 
Their heartfelt advice and letters of encouragement will guide 
Claire, as she embarks on her journey through life, 
offering insights they wish they had known at her age.
I compiled over 20 letters from women with varying talents, 
life plans, emotions, ideas, advice, and stories. 
I put them inside a journal that I had gifted to Claire. 
This will be a great tool for her to refer to anytime 
she wants as she matures and grows in an unstable world. 
This was my favorite gift to give her.
It was a wonderful day, and Charlotte even took a 3-hour nap,
 which was a welcomed change from the past few days 
when she skipped them altogether because of her molars.
It's been rough.

**Happy Halloween-Eve!**
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