Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yoga for Children

{Laura teaches yoga to some very cute children}

Yoga has been a large part of my physical and emotional healing.

I have been into yoga for about 8 years, and about 6 months prior to the accident,
I had an opportunity to instruct at a boutique in downtown Mesa, AZ.

In 2004, I was introduced to yoga by my dear friend Laura Harper.
We were neighbors and became fast friends.
Laura is from South Africa and besides being mesmerized by her
accent, she is an amazing instructor who teaches yoga
in such a beautiful and natural way.
She taught me to listen to my body and strengthen my mind.
I was more flexible and patient with myself and my children.
I learned to breathe and saw a healthy transformation develop.
It was a great and needed change in my life.

{Me leading a great yoga session at the ranch, 2007}

When I moved to New Jersey, I missed Laura's yoga class tremendously.
I did the best I could to keep it up and often practiced in my basement-
{with my girls too}

After the accident, we moved back to Provo.
Laura and I picked yoga back up and she helped me heal.
My body stretched in ways it hadn't in a really long time.
It felt so good.

Laura has put together a DVD of fun yoga stories to do with children.
She began teaching yoga to her son's elementary class
{you can read about that HERE}
and now has created a instructional DVD where she teaches children yoga.
{Jane and Claire both make an appearance }
To order and read more about it, go HERE

It's pretty awesome.