Thursday, August 23, 2012

Yoga for Children

{Laura teaches yoga to some very cute children}
Yoga has been a large part of my physical and emotional healing. 
 I have been into yoga for about eight years.
 Six months prior to the accident, 
I had an opportunity to instruct at a boutique in downtown Mesa, AZ. 
 In 2004, I was introduced to yoga by my dear friend Laura Harper. 
We were neighbors and became fast friends. 
 When I moved to New Jersey, I missed Laura's yoga class tremendously. 
I did the best I could to keep it up and often practiced in my basement-
 {with my girls too} After the accident, we moved back to Provo and 
Laura and I picked yoga back up and she helped me heal. 
My body stretched in ways it hadn't in a really long time. It felt so good.

Laura is from South Africa and her accent is mesmerizing!
She is an amazing instructor who teaches yoga in such a beautiful and natural way. 
She has taught me to listen to my body and strengthen my mind. 
Since practicing with Laura after the accident, 
I am more flexible and patient with myself and my children.

{Me leading a great yoga session at the ranch, 2007} 
 Laura has put together a DVD of fun yoga stories to do with children
and Claire and Jane make an appearance!

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