Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Thank you and I am so happy.

Today I was looking through some old photos.
I found these darling self-timer photos of Claire, Jane, Ollie and Gigs
on my computer.
I laughed out loud.
These photos were taken while I was in the hospital in Arizona for
about a month with my hunchie surgery a few years back.

The children are younger but our lives are still kind of the same.
Surgery and change. Here a little and there a little.
But still smiling still blessed and certainly still happy.

I am so grateful for amazing family all around me that keep these monkeys
of mine happy and laughing when I can't.

I was writing thank you cards today and my heart was so filled with
love for many people who took (and takes) care of us daily.
I wrote a thank you to my dear cousin Jayne
{who's husband is the amazing Jed who did this}
because she pumped her own milk for my Charlotte while I was in the
hospital with my last surgery.
I thought about my sisters who call all the time
and ask how they can help.
Or when my sweet brothers text me out of the blue asking how I am.
Or a letter in the mail from a stranger uplifting me and giving me support.
The list just goes on...

I wish I could write all of you love-thank you notes because I
am overwhelmed with the love and support you show me through
letters, cards, sweet treats, things you make, e-mails, and so on.
THANK YOU! I love you and wish I could respond and personally thank you all!!

Loving and enjoying these:

Puj Tub and shoes:
{Thank you Katie}

Petunia Pickle Bottom
{Thank you Korrie}

Hey cousin Katie! Happy Birthday!!!
I love you so much.