Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Little Peanut is a....

Baby girl!!
Nielson #5 aka: Little Peanut is another little Girlie.
We are thrilled!
Now we are thinking of names. We have a few already in mind, but I think
I need to see her little face to decide.
Thanks to The Vintage Pearl for helping me deliver the news!
{Get the cute necklace here}
Today I finally weeded.
The weeds were staring at me everyday since I became sick and pregnant.
I couldn't get to the job, and today I knew it was now or never
since it is supposed to rain tomorrow with the temperatures forever cold.
I was so happy.
I felt pretty good, because I was moving.
My body extending and stretching. I am so proud of this little body of mine.
I still can't believe just how much I have done and how far I have come.
The human body is absolutely beautiful and astounding.
I am so grateful to a loving God who created us.
That is all I could think about today.
That, and the fact that I promised my children a trip to Target
to look for Halloween costumes.
But low and behold look who I ran into....

{not to be confused with Jimmy}

This guy is a Provo hero, (and beyond)
and now he will be playing for the Sacramento Kings.
{note: Jimmer's shirt}
I met his very lovely fiance as well.
After, girlie (formally known as Little peanut} was giving me severe
stomach pains and I was done. I can only take so much of Target.
Guess who forgot her wallet?
Guess who drove all the way home to get it?
Me is very tired now.

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