Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Little Peanut is a....

Baby girl!!
Nielson #5, aka Little Peanut, is another little Girl!!
We are thrilled!

Today I finally weeded.
The weeds were staring at me every day since I became sick and pregnant
all those months ago!
Tomorrow it's supposed to rain, and then it might snow,
and then I REALLY won't want to weed.
I felt pretty good because I was moving.
My body extends and stretches as best it can, but it's oftentimes
painful, BUT I am so proud of this body of mine!
I still can't believe just how much I have done and how far I have come.
Our bodies are absolutely beautiful and astounding.
I am so grateful to a loving God who created us.
That thought consumed my mind all day.
That, and the fact that I promised my children a trip to Target
to look for Halloween costumes.
But low and behold, look who I ran into...

This guy is Mr. Jimmer Fredette, who is a Provo hero, played basketball
for BYU and was just drafted to the Sacramento Kings.
I met his very lovely fiance as well.
Congratulations to the Fredettes!
Then baby girl Little Peanut was giving me severe
nausea, and I was done. I can only take so much of Target.
Guess who forgot her wallet?
Guess who drove all the way home to get it?
Me is very tired now.

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