Tuesday, September 06, 2011


If I could blog during some of the worst times of my life,
then I am pretty sure I can blog during this very difficult,
very emotional, and very sickly time in my life.
Being pregnant has been hard.
Harder than I imagined, I mean I knew it wouldn't be easy, but wow,
this is hard, double wow.
I have a new body this time around. It is in frequent pain and then
there is the nausea, oh the sickness, the smells, and the throw-ups.
Add a double dose of guilt for being bed-bound and complaining, and you've got me.

At least August is over and I can feel the seasons change.
Cooler weather is on my horizon.
Just to end I'd like to share with you a few things that made me
cry today-or in other words;

'How you know when your pregnant':
-I cried watching the end of dirty dancing on the family channel (this scene)
-I cried listening to Katy Perry's line "you think I'm pretty without and make-up on" (really?)
-I cried when I drove past temple where Mr. Nielson and I got married.
-I cried watching Ollie watch Star Wars tonight. It was so cute.
-I cried when I couldn't decide wither to pee or throw-up,
so I did them both at the same time.

Happy Birthday to my oldest sister Page-40! I love you lots.

Oh and, I wrote a article for the October issue of Glamour magazine
{St. Mary-mother-in-law, you can skip this one,
I know Glamour isn't your "type" of magazine}