Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Pats Day!!

{Ollie underneath his green yarn balls for St. Patrick's Day}
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tonight I am preparing a real Irish dinner {minus the corn beef, since we don't particularly like meat around here} Watercress salad, Irish stew, Irish soda bread
and we mustn't forget the ginger ale in place of good beer.

Jane will never let me forget the St. Patrick's day we had in our Lazona home
{months before the accident} when the naughty leprechauns
changed our tofu and rice green.

I am going to surprise her again and make our Irish soda bread green, or something.
I can hardly wait to hear her squeal and shriek!

Out my window right now, I see Ollie yelling really loud to brother Nicholas.
His hands waving madly in the air and I predict someone will come in to crying.
I love these early Spring evenings. The rain will come, and the wind will blow.
It will probably snow a few more times before we can pull out the Adirondack chairs.
But I am certainly looking forward to it.

I just told my children about the Chicago river turning green for St. Patrick's day.
They are so excited to see it tomorrow on the news. They don't believe me.
They think that someone will be over a bridge dropping a billion squirts from the small food
McCormick coloring droplets.

Are you wearing green??