Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Melting my heart

I woke up sort of grumpy.
In the night I had itched a scab on my shin (the sore that I had been trying to heal for months)
and, in the middle of the night in a mad rage I itched it off.
I woke to blood on my sheets and jammies.
I was mad.
My body has been so very achy lately.
I am not sure if it is the weather-or that I am worn down.
Maybe both.
Jimmy peed in my office next to the printer (on hard wood, thankfully)
And, the house was a mess.
Funny, I went to bed with the house in pristine shape.

Life goes on.
Especially on holidays.

I wanted to do something fun with everyone.
We decided to eat at Slab Pizza- the little eatery joint by my home.
Mr. Nielson showed the children how to make a straw longer by piecing two of them together.

Next we piled the children in the car to see the new Narnia movie.
I wont comment on the movie since I know some of you probably enjoyed it.

I am preparing for the ALT summit this week. I am excited to be a part of it, but nervous because I haven't felt very prepared. Might have to do with my achy-ness (see above)

But then after I woke up grumpy.... I changed my heart because I saw Oliver's clever little army men hiding in the grapefruit on my dining room table.
It melted my heart- just like the rain is doing to our beloved snow.

And as for the list here.
I didn't do any of it.

Also, Please read, help and maybe race with this family!
Also, is facebook page here.
I {heart} burn survivors!!

Reminder to all of you:
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Half off from regular price. This sale ends January 31, 2011.