Thursday, September 16, 2010

The New Jersey Goose.

(Missing, April, May, June,December...somewhere)

Before I unveiled the NieNie Dialogues, I had this blog- called:
Graciejbrunswick. (don't ask)
Anyway, in that blog, I mused about my life in East Brusnwsick, New Jersey.
Living with my hard-working husband; Mr. Nielson,
Claire and Jane (and soon to be born Ollie).
My life was day to day hectic as a young-(er) mother, living with the sun setting at 5:00 in the depths of winter and a husband gone pretty much from dusk to dawn hard at work. Somedays were down-right depressing.
But I was happy. Really I was, for instance, I:
...started a blog, had Oliver with midwives on my bed, and while I was gone on a visit to Utah , Mr. Nielson painted the girls room red-everywhere ceilings too
(among other notable events).
But, my favorite belonged to the very peculiar neighbors across the street from us.
S & A- we'll call them.
Just the two of them living a typical Senior Citz life.
And they had a goose. A very cute, cement goose that sat on their doorstep.
Each month and holiday the goose was dressed in something corresponding to that particular holiday...(Halloween a witch, Santa on Christmas, rain jacket for get the idea).
And I, as a mother living at home without a car, the most exciting thing that happened all day was when S & A would change the goose.
A quick phone call to Mr. Nielson :
"Guess what the goose is dressed up for Halloween"
It was most exciting!
Everyday I would watch for S & A to leave their home for the grocery store or somewhere else old people go, and I would sneak over and photograph the goose, then blog about it.
And, to my surprise I read this article today, and had to laugh because it reminds me of New Jersey and my life living on Harvey Circle. It also reminded me of the night that Lucy tried to steal the goose when she had come out to visit from Utah.
It was like 500 pounds.
Next time Luce.
I think I know what I want for Christmas.

Hey Aimee, here is your mission:
Please go to S & A's house ( i think you know where)
and keep up the pictures for me..