Wednesday, September 22, 2010

He works hard for his money...

(Nicholas and Mr. Nielson doing hand-prints in the new concrete)

We got 4 more mice today.
They are so cute with their little ears flopped over and bucked front teeth still attached to the cheese. Sad really, but a must.
Mr. Nielson and I lay in bed and heard a whap- it was the mouse catcher.
It was midnight, but doggone it, Mr. Nielson was going to get to the bottom of this, and so he put on his uggs and went downstairs to our chokey.
Upon examination, it was discovered that a pipe was not insulated correctly,
and the mice were coming in like crazy.
I hope that will be the end of that.
I know you think this is gross, but I also know you have something lingering around your house wither it be rats, mice, scorpions, cockroach's, flies, or ants, or flying ants which are the worst of them all. Or perhaps this?

(The kids hands. Our to follow. Oh, and Jimmy's)

Mr. Nielson has been digging a large hole to safely put the trampoline in the ground.
(goodbye stitches). He has laid concrete for a shed. He works really hard. I like it. He looks so manly and handsome shoveling dirt. When he comes in the house, I want to eat him (only because I crave dirt. I am slightly anemic, and I love him so much)
Concrete at our house means; Jimmy will walk on it 3 times, Nicholas will throw rocks at it, and Ollie will shoot his bow and arrow in it, jolly fun!
We did however, each put our hand-print in it to remember the autumn afternoons
Mr. Nielson worked really hard in 2010.

I went to the grocery store today and saw an assortment mother-load of pumpkins. I went crazy. Ollie, Nic and I picked the plumpest, happiest looking pumpkins we could find. Then I smooshed them in the back of Mr. Nielson's car trunk.
I went home with the back of the car low riding. Oh yeah.

I have decided it is time to bring out the Halloween decorations.
The girls and I have planned Saturday as the day dedicated to Halloween decorating.
I think I am slightly more excited than they are.

Also, just to note. I am speaking at BYU on the September 30th. If you are around and want to come, please do. It would be a pleasure to have you.

(photo by Justin Hackworth)