Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Family life.

(happy homecoming to dad...in bed)

Mr. Nielson and I drove in late Sunday night. Actually it was Monday by then.
I couldn't sleep. I was so giddy at the thought of picking up my children.
I hadn't expected only a 3 day trip to make me miss them so.
I woke up at 7:30 determined to get the kids, but I figured they would all be sleeping still.
So, around 9:00 I decided it was a good time to pick up my babies.
They had all sorts of things to {Y}tell me.
What they did, ate, played, and that Chickie was the best at doing hair.
But my favorite part was when they got home and ran for my bedroom
where Mr. Nielson was sleeping soundly.
They invaded his slumber and talked all at the same time about 4 totally different conversations.
That's when I left them alone so I could begin breakfast.

Nicholas was surprisingly quiet all day.
All he wanted to do was ride on the motorcycle with his father.
Since the motorcycle was unavailable at the moment,
we pulled out the A2B and Mr. Nielson; one after another drove the children around
picking wild plums and apricots on Old Willow Lane- out of sight.

(speaking of picking, nic's brown eyes are to die for)

I can feel autumn creeping in.
The apricot trees are full with ripe fruit, the gutter is full of water and gushing down the lane and the mountain grass is getting longer and more yellow.
Not to mention the grapes beginning to show on the fence vines.
And, I heard the BYU marching band today.
They are practicing for football season.
Does that make you happy or what?

(mr. nielson and nic)

This is what family is all about.