Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A love story

(My necklace which says "I love Christian".
Thanks to Erin at the Vintage Pearl I can have beautiful jewelry to wear).

Today was much much better.
I think my strength is coming back.
I got really crazy and asked Mr. Nielson to take me in the car bound for Jamba Juice.
A Orange Dream Machine was in order
(just for your information, ODM is the best Jamba ever made)
I hadn't been out for more than a month, and being in the car and feeling the heat warm up my cold bones actually felt pretty good. Just like old times, the boys snoozing in the back seat and me and Me and Mr. Nielson searching the radio back and forth and talking about how we are going to ban the ugliness of the internet from our pure and innocent children.
Did you know that I have seaweed plastered on my neck used as a dressing for healing. Well I do. Do any of you know how seaweed smells. Well, I will tell you. Seaweed smells like pooh.
So, in reality, it is as if a freshly pooped diaper is taped to my neck.
For 3 days I couldn't eat. I was so sick. I threw-up and got really sick.
It was scary there for a little while.
One night as I was bawling my eyes out, I saw in my pillow case the shape of a heart. As a result, it softened my heart, and all of a sudden I felt love. I then heard the Lord explain to me he was aware of my heart. He knew how I felt. And after that moment, I was prompted to find some good advice and my tears stopped. I put it together and promised I would shape up.
Mr. Nielson is my patient companion who has been with me through it all.
All in all, I felt like a thirsty plant in need of water.
Which I got, and it perked me right up.
Now I will tell you a story:

One night, I woke up in the hospital and I looked over and Mr. Nielson was gone. I lost it and punched my nurse button over and over again in a frantic search for my husband.
My sweet nurse came in with an adavan. I didn't want the darn pill, I wanted my husband.
And then she began the story...
She told me that after my 14 hour surgery in May Mr. Nielson stayed in my hospital room the whole time. No breaks, food, or calls. He sat in my room with a nervous heart and tears in his eyes. She told me that after I was put in my room, he never left my side in case I would wake up and talk with him day after day. It was now mid June and after another surgery he felt confidant he could go home and get some rest, assuming I'd sleep the night through with the lingering anesthesia.

(the famous call button in the hospital)

My nurse by this time was tearing up.
She said to me that she has never seen that kind of love and dedication
in her 20 years plus of nursing. Ever.
She brushed my hair to the side and put down the adavan on the
table and went to check on another patient.
I broke down in tears. Oh how much I loved my sweet husband.
I tried to pull it together and I called him. It was 2:00 am.
"Honey, hi, where are you" I said my voice audibly shaking.
"Oh, I needed to sleep in my bed tonight, but planned on coming in first thing in the morning"
He answered back.
"Are you OK? Do you need me to come back? I will-right now-"
His sweet voice assuring me on the phone.
Then I broke down and the tears came as I curled up in a ball in the hospital room.
I let him go back to his sleep. And that night was the worst night I had ever had. And no adavan or any amount of IV fentanyl
(and if you have had that, you might think I was crazy, that stuff is gooood)
could have helped me feel better about the emotions I was feeling that night.
I love that man of mine. His loyalty is remarkable.
Now we share our bed again. His arm (which was surgically worked on) and my neck (also surgically worked on) situated so that only our feet touch, when we lie down in bed at night. Call me crazy but to me that is like we are totally making out.
He is my love.

Me plus Mr. Nielson equals these for beauties.

The End.
Would you like your house featured in a magazine? Woe. I would. Lucky for both of us, I get to be in this magazine too. It should be fun. Go here for the details.
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More on that later.