Sunday, June 13, 2010

A little message

Here I am with my new neck that took 16 hours to attach.
Oh man, what have I done?
 Dr. L. swears it will look normal one day. 
It's mind-blowing to think my new neck was once my back!
Don't be scared friends,  it's me, Nie!
When Mr. Nielson saw me for the first time in the recovery room
he was so sweet and loving
when I am sure he was F L I P P I N G out and a little worried.
I feel a little bit like Jabba the Hutt.
Mr. Nielson told me later that after he saw me
he told Dr. L.that I'd probably KILL him after I saw myself.
I was pretty overwhelmed and a little worried.
I'll take another Fentynal, please!

I am sane enough to blog now...I think. I can't be sure.  The d r u g s!
 Have a fabulous Sunday. I am still here on the burn unit. 
Blogging from the Burn unit. 
 Sounds catchy. Kisses to all of you! 
I still need your prayers.

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