Tuesday, April 06, 2010


Did you know it was Spring break here in Utah?
My kids are home running around naked and eating cheese. It's awesome.
What are yours doing?

I lay in my bed on Easter Sunday. The house was quiet and black, except the glow of outside. The snow blew hard down under the light post outside my window and across the street. I could hear the chimes blowing away and I was pleased. As much as I know it is supposed to be SPRING break I am in love with the snow, and am just grateful for a school break
(in any season).

As I listen to Mr. Nielson's breathing, I pictured our romantic getaway weekend to Arizona and California (where we went sailing on Balboa Island...wow) We stayed on Laguna beach in a cute little bungalow where my brother-in-law lives.
And in Arizona, we attended a gala where I was honored to meet some other burn survivors. (more about that later)
I thought about stopping on our drive home for gas or food or bathroom breaks, I could feel the climate change. It started out warm then cool and then cold-like blizzard-on-the-road-cold.

Then I thought about what to do for the kids while they are home.
I hope to have some quality time cooking and baking with my girls.

Snow or shine, it will be Spring in my house all this week.