Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green Day

("Beware of Leprechaun's cooking" a note Claire wrote 2 years ago, BC)

I went to the doctor today.
Dr. L. said my monkey tail has to be put back in because hunchie is growing again with accumulated fluid.
That is not a good thing.
Monkey tail is supposed to drain any fluid in my back so hunchie doesn't get infected.
Good grief.
Back to the OR tomorrow.
But, lets not talk about that, lets talk about the sweet holiday today-St. Patrick's day.

*Little known facts about St. Paddy's day and me:

*Once, my Mom said that if I were born a boy my name would be Patrick.

*I never wore green to school on St. Patrick's day to trick people.
I would tell them my eyes were green. Ha. Face.

*Once I tried that trick in 5th grade (not wear green) and my cousin Katie got really mad at me and told me that I couldn't do that anymore. It was heart broken.

*The next year I wore green undies to trick everyone and Katie got really mad at me again and said I couldn't hide my green it was against the rules.

*Then I told her that I was Irish and I didn't have to wear green
(still didn't work) even though I really am. (hello! green eyes, freckles)

This year, my girls fought over every last bit of green clothing in their closets.
It was super annoying and Jane ended up crying.

On another note, Sweet cakes-who makes the famous tasting oreo's uses green in their frosting for a holiday treat, go try them out. I did, and I gave Dr. L. a whole box of them to tell him I love him even though he is Italian and not Irish.

(Kiss Nic, he's Irish...kinda)